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NASDPTS Reports More Than 95,000 Drivers Passed School Buses Illegally on a Single Day in 2019

In its annual survey, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation (NASPTS) found that 95,000 drivers illegally passed stopped school buses in a single day.

NASPTS collected survey responses from 27% of school bus drivers in 39 states. The participating 130,963 bus drivers reported that a staggering 95,319 vehicles passed their buses illegally over the course of a single school day in 2019. This sample points to more than 17 million violations during a 180-day school year. However, numbers may be far greater, as not all bus drivers participated in the voluntary study.

“Violating school bus stop-arm laws puts children and adults at risk, and can lead to tragic consequences,” said Jane Prosch-Jensen, the Vice President of Government Relations at Redflex. “Deterring drivers from dangerous behavior like this requires a combination of technology and data-driven public policy that prioritizes students’ wellbeing.”

The NASPTS survey results have brought much-needed attention to this issue. Several states have increased penalties for illegally passing school buses and authorized the use of photo evidence for issuing citations.

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