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Poll Reveals Majority of British Columbians Concerned About Speeding, in Support of Automated Enforcement

According to poll conducted by the Mario Canseco Research Co., speeding is a serious concern among British Columbians. Most recent findings determine 68% of British Columbians support speed-on-green equipment, including 74% of women and 76% of residents aged 55 and over. This automated enforcement technology captures evidence of a potential speeding violation at intersections.

Speed and crash statistics from 140 intersections in British Columbia indicate an average of 201 cars drive at least 30 km/h over the displayed speed limit during the course of an average week. This creates a direct security risk for both drivers and pedestrians; in response, the local government is converting 35 existing red-light cameras into speed-on-green equipment.

Previous polls executed by the Research Co. revealed 58% of British Columbians say they would “definitely” or “probably” like to see the speed limit reduced to 30 km/h on all residential streets in their own municipality, while keeping the speed limit on arterial and collector roads at 50 km/h.

Further, the Research Co. has found 69% of British Columbians approve of fixed speed cameras and 63% are in support of mobile speed cameras.

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